Transform your creative resourcing process

Become a nimber, smarter and inclusive creative powerhouse.
Clients are changing.
Agency resourcing processes have to evolve.

Nexus A.I. Creative Ideation Platform

Powered by the latest in artificial intelligence, Nexus A.I. helps agencies source the best ideas and teams for every client need.

  • Transparency

    Less overhead and more insight into who produces work.

  • Control

    Less reliance on email, meetings and ego. Get the best ideas.

  • Agility

    Require both dedicated and on-demand specialized resources.

  • Simplicity

    Less friction coordinating with creative talent and easy to implement.

Key Organizational Benefits

  • ✓ Standardize briefs

    ✓ Catalog creative skills and attributes

    ✓ Input brief and select skills to network (private, agency, multi-agency)

    ✓ Evaluate recommended connections

    ✓ Green-light work across relevant teams

    ✓ Create visibility into active projects

    ✓ Systemically capture feedback on projects (accepted/rejected and sold/not sold and why)

    ✓ Validate skills of individual creative talent

    ✓ Enable Data/AI to get smarter

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