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A new era of collaboration and creativity.
A faster advertising delivery chain
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Post a brief, source the winning ideas, and use the Nexus team builder to produce the work.

  • (1) Ideation and Design
    • Brief creation and distribution
    • Idea sourcing and selection
    • Data analytics and idea repository
    • Commenting and collaboration
  • (2) Production and Staffing
    • Team recommendation for campaigns
    • Ongoing performance and team feedback
    • Workforce analytics
    • Managed job and skill taxonomies
Key Benefits for Agencies

Nexus A.I. is cloud-based platform that currently powers agency clients across four different continents.

The Nexus platform uses machine learning to help agencies identify the top creative minds for every brief. With Nexus, agencies can post a brief and our machine learning technology will recommend a group of creators from a pool of candidates that go beyond traditional silos (skills, functions, P&L groups, offices). The Nexus process unlocks your creative network in minutes to help streamline idea procurement with less overhead. 

Nexus A.I. integrates with most cloud providers and can sit on top of scheduling systems or human capital management platforms.

  • Agency Leadership
    • Employ agile staffing 
    • Improve people data
    • Identify creative gaps
    • Win new business
  • Account Leads
    • Source ideas outside of silos
    • Improve team productivity
    • Use client budgets
    • Identify top creative minds

  • Creatives
    • Gain exposure and credit
    • Build portfolio
    • Work with new clients
    • Track skill progression

Agency Solutions

  • Ideation Module

    Generate a higher volume of top quality ideas against every brief or campaign

    Our ideation module allows agencies to post client requests and invite a curated group of candidates to submit ideas against the client's need. Nexus stores ideas in a repository and helps you extract diverse input across skills, borders, and functions.

  • Project Staffing Module

    Build high-performance agency teams to deliver better results to your clients.

    Build a world-class agency team in minutes with the Nexus staffing module. Our platform uses machine learning to recommend employees who meet organizational requirements and are likely to deliver a positive project outcome.

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