Gain a holistic view of your human capital resources.

Every client receives an opening Nexus Day One Report℠ and on-going monthly analytics. Our reporting and analytics team helps you measure productivity, identify resource gaps, and project future staffing needs. Our goal is to transform a lot of data into simple, actionable insights.

Nexus Day One Report℠

Once you have completed the on-boarding process, our team will generate a discovery analysis that outlines your firm's coverage across geographies, specialties, and job titles. With our reporting and analytics, you can see your strengths and identify tags where your organization has limited resources. The Nexus Day One Report℠ conveys specialties and global coverage for both employees and your approved contingent workers.

    Continuous Feedback

    With our on-going monthly reports, you can compare what is being searched versus what is actually available in your resource network. Every monthly report also includes allocation data (contractor/employee), project ratings, utilization metrics and much more.

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