April 6, 2021

What is Psychometrics?

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what is not said.” – Peter Drucker

The success of any campaign begins with understanding the consumer on a deep level, past their interest in a product, and reaching towards the psychological traits that can connect them to the product in a profound way. But how is this connection made? Through psychometrics.

Psychometrics Explained

Psychometrics is defined as a field of study that focuses on the theory and technique of psychological measurement. This includes the measurement of personality traits, attitudes, knowledge, and abilities. These measurements primarily focus on studying the differences between individuals. Psychometrics can be measured in a variety of tools like tests, surveys, polls, etc.

Psychometrics in Marketing

While this science of measuring mental capacities and processes may not sound relevant to an ad campaign or marketing, it can actually be the driving factor towards success. In marketing, the results of a campaign depend on the audience. Alienating the target audience can build a major block in sales and overall ROI (return on investment).

Every marketer knows you have to understand your audience before attempting to sell. For example, a company selling lipstick is more likely to sell to women who are interested in beauty products than an audience of older males who are interested in fishing. But how do you quantitively predict how your target market will respond?

Using psychometrics to analyze factors like personality traits and attitudes not only allow marketers to understand their audience, it also gives them the data they need to hyper-target and customize a campaign, segmenting their audience according to specific traits. This increases the chance of positive campaign results exponentially.

How Nexus A.I. Uses Psychometrics

The Nexus A.I. platform was created to help organizations authentically connect with their customers to power more thoughtful campaigns using artificial intelligence and psychometrics. Utilizing the power of psychometrics, the Nexus platform unveils metrics that revolve around consumer behavior, emotions, inclusion, and sentiment that help brands understand the response a campaign may have before sending it out to the world.

Why would this matter?

The answer is simple, if you could understand someone’s feelings toward your product before you attempt to promote it to them, you can use that data to adjust the campaign to get the best ROI and increase your overall odds of success. It can also:

• Protect your brand by ensuring an inclusive campaign

• Build your reputation as an organization that values their consumer

• Save valuable time and resources that can be wasted by having to readjust a campaign

The use of psychometrics in marketing and ad campaigns can be a valuable tool in reaching goals and exceeding expectations. Contact us today for more information on the Nexus A.I. platform and how it can help you build more thoughtful, inclusive campaigns.