July 8, 2021

Psychometrics in Advertising: Does it Work?

Psychometrics is the study of the theory and technique of psychological measurement. Over the years, psychometrics has become a necessary tool in the evolution of advertising, especially for its use in personalizing ad campaigns. But as advertisers continue to take advantage of psychometrics in their campaigns, the real question arises; does it really work? The answer is, yes, it absolutely does, and here is why.

A Customized Experience

Psychometrics focuses on psychological measurement including measuring personality traits, attitudes, abilities, etc. While the measurement of these factors does not seem necessary for a successful ad campaign, recent research actually shows the opposite. Here is what consumer data has shown:

How Does it Work?

There are many ways to use psychometrics in advertising, and the process of using it in an ad campaign may look different from agency to agency. One ever-evolving way marketers are using psychometrics in advertising is by combining it with artificial intelligence. By combining machine learning with psychometric data marketers can utilize a deep learning process where they can easily gather valuable information that will help ensure a successful campaign.

From consumer sentiment and emotional responses to attitudes and societal impact, psychometrics in advertising seeks to understand the target audience by measuring the psychological construct of individuals to create customized experiences that will increase lead generation and brand loyalty.

The Nexus A.I. platform is a valuable tool that uses psychometrics and AI to create more targeted, inclusive content. It does this by combining psychometric research with the latest in machine learning, to track triggers across racial experience, emotions, and sentiment by segment.

Unlike other machine learning platforms, Nexus A.I. combines on-demand focus groups with advanced psychological instruments and AI models to measure items like an individual’s racial experience, emotions, sentiment, personality traits, etc. This allows advertisers to de-risk the development of campaigns by quickly measuring the psychological makeup of focus group individuals to calibrate their feedback (i.e. if you know where I’m coming from, you will understand the words that I speak), which in turn allows “true and accurate” insights to  predict how the larger market will respond to a campaign before significant money is spent.

Psychometrics will continue to be used to improve the entire marketing experience, especially in advertising and Nexus A.I. is at the forefront of utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, psychometrics, and crowdsourcing to transform the way campaigns go to market.

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