July 1, 2021

Psychology in Advertising - Why is it Missing?

We’ve previously mentioned how psychometrics is helping the marketing and advertising industry in various ways from helping companies customize campaigns to improving the overall customer experience. With all of the advantages of using psychology and psychometrics within advertising, why is it still missing in so many campaigns?

Consumer Evolution

For many years marketing and advertising was focused on one thing; sell! With one method and strategy in place, marketers promoted a product or service as much as possible to reach as many people as they could to increase sales. Though this was once a common strategy, consumers have evolved and with it, how they purchase.

As consumers evolved, asking for more, marketers around the world were forced to follow suit to continue making sales. In time, as consumers changed, marketers began to notice the need and want for more personalized experiences. They began to understand the various consumers and necessity of targeting a specific market with a specific message.

Psychology in Advertising

With this knowledge of targeting and a need to specify their messaging, psychology began to play a major role in understanding the audience to create a customized campaign. But regardless of the importance of psychology, marketers still lacked the tools to properly help them understand customer behavior and attitude. Leading them to rely on focus groups and treating all consumers the same (big mistake!).

Lots of companies focus on insights from focus groups and traditional market research and don’t realize where they went wrong until the campaign fails. Outside of focus groups, advertisers had no way of knowing what the consumer reaction would be in a campaign prior to the launch, after millions of dollars have already been spent.

The Solution

Nexus A.I. is the next evolution of measuring consumer insights. By combining psychometric instruments, like racial experience, emotions, and personality traits, Nexus A.I.'s simple-to-use SaaS platform helps marketers measure an individual person's psychometric properties to calibrate "where they are coming from and who they are."

In focus groups, this becomes extremely powerful as you're now able to calibrate a focus group / panel member's feedback against their psychological background to better predict the larger market. Nexus A.I. provides the first tool to "read between the lines" of what a focus group member says and what they really mean.

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