ideation and testing

Develop the ideas that give you the best ROI

The Nexus A.I. Ideation Module is designed to help you unlock the brightest minds and best ideas across your diverse network.

Launch Ideation Nexus

Curated Crowdsourcing

Nexus recommends the best talent for every ideation campaign. Distribute a campaign globally in just minutes.

Historical Ideas Library

Access and search through every idea ever submitted through Nexus in a searchable libary.

Anti-Racism Scale

Test ideas to identify if certain ads have underlying racism and/or problematic components.

Demographic Testing

Understand both the emotional and sentimental reaction to your ideas before spending money on production.

NARS - Nexus Anti-Racism Scale

Protect your brand and embrace a process that considers all demographics in campaigns.

inclusion metrics

Identify racist or harmful ideas

Developed through actual focus groups in conjunction with partners across psychology and neuroscience, Nexus A.I. can identify both latent and overt racism across all pieces of content.