Introducing Nexus A.I.

Next-generation workforce planning and deployment. 

Nexus continuously curates employee skills and experiences to determine how well individuals would fit with projects and teams. The people recommendations become better over time, and Nexus begins to optimize for both team performance and workforce utilization. een In

Enterprise Team Builder
Find and deploy the right people across company projects.

Powerful people search 

Add your project and staffing requirements, or create a new search. Look across skills, job titles, geographies, and other customized attributes. 


Nexus uses A.I. to predict the best candidates for your project 

We help you identify the right people for internal projects. Dive deeper by viewing employee profiles, historical experience, & upcoming availability. 


Real-time people and skill analytics

Uncover your organization’s most in-demand skills, recent team performance, and much more. Use Nexus insights to strategically align talent with both employee & organizational goals. 

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  • In-Demand Skills

  • Employee Utilization

  • Current Projects

  • Pending Approvals

  • Recent Peer Reviews

Workforce Planning
View, create or modify projects in a central dashboard

See what everyone is working on with utilization reports and visualizations 

Quickly view all current and future projects with your project library and real-time utilization reports. 


Employee profiles refreshed after every project 

After projects close, Nexus captures team and performance feedback. Our feedback questions were developed with leading researchers in team decision making. These results, compiled across multiple projects, begin to improve our recommendation engine for teams and resources.

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