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Top 10 Companies Using AI in Chicago
July 30, 2019 at 12:00 PM
by Emily Otto

Artificial intelligence is everywhere… especially Chicago.

As the use of AI grows, Chicago continues to establish itself as an AI hub and has become the home of dozens of AI-based startups and conferences.

Here are 10 companies in Chicago we think are leaders in the AI space.

Top 10 Companies Using AI in Chicago:

1. Uptake -
Founded just 5 years ago, Uptake empowers large industrial companies by turning oceans of data into actionable insights. With the application of AI and machine learning, the platform is able to deliver more reliable analysis over time as it acquires more and more user feedback and data. Uptake is accelerating and informing smarter decision-making by bridging the gap between data and outcomes.

2. Narrative Science -
How useful is data if you can’t understand it? Narrative Science is humanizing data like never before by turning it into plain-English. Powered by AI, their technology translates data into condensed reports and stories that everyone can understand. Narrative Science empowers customers with the knowledge and understanding necessary to act on key metrics and make smarter decisions.

3. Tempus -
After navigating his wife’s breast cancer treatment, Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus to transform the future of healthcare with a data-driven approach. By applying AI to analyze a massive collection of clinical and molecular data, the technology offers precise and personalized treatment to each individual patient. In just 4 years, Tempus has already developed an operating system and a mobile app that are working to optimize treatment and improve the lives of cancer patients.

4. iManage -
As the largest independent software company focused exclusively on professional work product management, iManage is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of professional services. The AI-based engine filters through masses of documents and emails to extract the right data from simple searches. iManage customers are able to work smarter, safer and more productively.

5. Clearcover -
With millions of drivers overpaying for car insurance, Clearcover is committed to providing a smarter, more affordable option. Its AI-powered platform offers customers customized insurance at the right time and the lowest price. Clearcover achieves its low prices by eliminating costly manual processes and minimizing advertising spending, striving to earn customers’ trust rather than buy it. Clearcover is proving that AI and innovation can make a dent in a market even as big as auto insurance.

6. PhysIQ -
From the hospital to your own home, PhysIQ can support you anywhere. With PhysIQ, your vital signs are compared against your individual baseline rather than population “norms.” As the first personalized physiology data analytics platform, their solution uses AI to capture data, develop personalized analytics, and produce actionable insights and recommendations for at-risk patients.

7. Catalytic -
A leader in automation, Catalytic is a cloud-based platform that automates business tasks ranging from building reports to analyzing documents. Rather than being replaced by AI, Catalytic stresses the power of people and bots working side-by-side to optimize efficiency. With this software, you can maximize productivity and minimize the time needed for repetitive, tedious tasks by letting Catalytic lend a hand.

8. Solstice -
A digital world calls for digital solutions, which is exactly what Solstice delivers. With a mix of strategists and developers, Solstice is a digital innovation firm that provides digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies. AI plays a key role in building competitive hardware and software solutions for customers. Committed to using AI for good, Solstice aims to empower the future of companies with technology and innovation.

9. Quantitative Insights -
Started at the University of Chicago, Quantitative Insights is the first FDA-cleared computer-aided diagnosis system, with a focus on breast cancer. QuantX, their technology, is powered by AI and helps radiologists assess and identify breast abnormalities. Quantitative Insights is paving the way to quicker, more accurate diagnoses and more specialized treatment.

10. Nexus A.I. -
If you’re looking to prepare your company for the future of work, Nexus A.I. may be the solution for you (of course we had to include Nexus on this list!). For companies that organize teams around project-based work, Nexus uses AI to deploy optimal teams across company projects. Unlike traditional resource management processes, Nexus evaluates teams using both machine learning and behavioral science to ensure that every project meets performance requirements and organizational targets. While we’re located in Chicago, Nexus can be found everywhere. Learn more here.