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What is the future of teams? An interview with teaming expert, Dr. John Hollenbeck.
April 9, 2019 at 4:00 PM
by Nexus A.I.

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As the nature of jobs changes, so do teams. Now more than ever, we see the workforce becoming fragmented and dispersed.

This begs the question... How do we create the optimal team in the face of these changes?

“The first thing that leaders need to do is to build an infrastructure to totally change the way you compete with teams.” –– Prof. Hollenbeck, University Distinguished Professor at Michigan State University

We believe the solution to the future of teams lies at the intersection of organizational behavior science and A.I. That’s why we partnered with Professor Hollenbeck, the world’s leading researcher on team composition, to help us crack the science of team building.

To take a deeper look into this topic, we sat down with Professor Hollenbeck to discuss what makes a good team, what the future of teams will look like and what leaders can do to prepare for it.


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