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Nexus A.I. is a Chicago-based corporation that is building a better infrastructure for connecting people to the right work opportunities. Through our two products, Nexus and ConceptDrop, we serve over 500 brands across the globe. If you are interested in joining our team, get in touch at

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  • Can AI Really Build Effective Teams?

    A.I. seems to be in the news all the time, whether it’s in movies and tv, controlling manufacturing, and even including human resources, training, and recruiting. We recently sat down with Phil Alexander, CEO and Founder of Nexus A.I., and Frank Cho, COO of Nexus A.I. Their company is dedicated to using A.I. to help build teams and ensure that those teams succeed. 

  • The recruit robots are coming – why you should care. 

    Want to peek around the corner, and find out how artificial intelligence will be applied to recruiting?It’s coming sooner than you think. Phil Alexander is CEO & Founder of Nexus A.I., the next-generation platform that uses A.I. & organizational behavior science to help companies build teams and drive employee engagement.

Pioneers of the so-called gig economy became some of the world’s most valuable private companies by using apps and algorithms to hand out tasks to an army of self-employed workers. Read More
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  • How Nexus A.I. is Helping Companies Discover Untapped Talent 

    Nexus AI is a Chicago, Illinois-based company that has developed an artificial intelligence platform to help enterprises find skilled teams. Nexus A.I. can recommend the best employees or teams for any project in seconds. Nexus utilizes data analytics to curate employee skills and experiences to determine how well they would fit with projects and teams. 

  • 8 traditional office tools you can replace with AI 

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to eliminate over a million jobs in the next few years, potentially replacing lower level positions like administrative assistants with humanoid robots or voice assistants. 

    But in the nearer future, fresh AI-driven software and products are also moving to eliminate non-human elements of the workplace by replacing traditional office tools, including both physical products and everyday electronic processes.

The insights around skills can help power smarter, A.I.-enabled practices. A few of the firms I've seen tackle this include Nexus AI. Read More

  • Why AI could be the tool your HR needs to hire and retain the best talent 

    Artificial intelligence (AI) will soon impact nearly every industry in some way, but the technology is poised to make waves in one industry in particular in 2018: Human resources. A growing list of vendors in the HR sector are offering AI solutions to help HR professionals find and retain top talent, according to a recent Glassdoor Report—especially in competitive fields such as tech. 

  • Is 2018 the year that A.I. will build the best teams? 

    From a widespread movement to ditch the annual review to company wide ethics overhauls in the wake from #metoo, 2017 has been a transformative year for the entire HR industry. The very tenets of hiring, firing, and maintaining workplace culture have been examined revised. A once-slow moving industry…. 

Nexus AI is helping corporate teams become more efficient through artificial intelligence. Read More
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  • Relax, robots aren't taking your job

    As the chief economist commentator for the Wall Street Journal, Greg Ip, is of the opinion that AI will do more than help, but it’s up to society to look beyond the smoke and mirrors.

    The discussions around an AI takeover are "baffling and misguided" shared Ip. “Baffling because it’s starkly at odds with the evidence, and misguided because it completely misses the problem: robots aren’t destroying enough jobs. Too many sectors, such as health care or personal services, are so resistant to automation that they are holding back the entire country’s standard of living.”

  • Bias in the machine: will more tech help?

    Laura I. Gómez, founder of Atipica, a recruiting software company, was sitting on yet another panel discussing the importance of diversity and inclusion efforts, specifically in tech, when something dawned on her. How many more of these panels would she have to participate in before things changed in the industry? She’s worked at Google, YouTube, Twitter and Jawbone, and has become a leading expert on diversity in the workplace, but the rate of change for diverse hiring practices across all industries wasn’t happening fast enough.

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