Find & Deploy Teams with A.I.

Nexus combines machine learning with behavioral science to predict the winning ideas and team for every campaign.
"Nexus is helping companies discover untapped talent." - Forbes

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Your AI-Powered People Network
Generate ideas and turn them into reality with the Nexus team builder.
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    Engage employees by crowdsourcing ideas for projects and briefs.

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    Employee Search

    Filter by skills, job areas, locations, and much more.

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    Team Builder

    Machine learning to recommend successful team combinations.

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    360 Feedback

    Automated after projects to update employee profiles.

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    People Analytics

    Reporting to help you identify workforce needs.

Built on Artificial Intelligence.

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    AI-Powered Search Results

    Our machine learning technology uses project and performance data to continually improve search results and create stronger teams. 

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    Complex Taxonomies Simplified

    Nexus utilizes natural language processing to help organize skills, job titles, and other complex word relationships.

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    Predictive Workforce Intelligence

    Nexus provides clients with customizable reports and visualizations that help you plan for the future.

A platform developed with organizational behavior scientists.

What makes a great team? Nexus has partnered with academic leaders in the fields of team decision-making and behavioral science. Our research partnerships help Nexus assemble high-chemistry business teams for projects.

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Optimize Your Workforce

Nexus curates employee skills and experiences to determine how well individuals would fit with projects and teams. The people recommendations become better over time, and Nexus begins to optimize for team performance and workforce utilization. 

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Engage Employees

Nexus organizes individuals around projects that align with their interests and competencies.

Every user can explore company opportunities, view their personal feedback, and better understand their organization’s most in-demand skills and needs.

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Better People Data

Nexus performance feedback is frequent, but far less exhausting than traditional reviews. Rather than annual evaluations, real-time performance is evaluated on a project-by-project basis. 

Employee profiles are continually updated accordingly.

Build your workforce of the future.

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