Nexus A.I. is a revolutionary SaaS platform that drives employee engagement.

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We predict which employees will team together more effectively to drive higher work productivity.

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We create strategic alignment between employee and company needs to create higher workforce engagement.

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We provide complete transparency around your workforce's current skills and other attributes and help you plan for the future.


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We combine patent-pending technology with leading edge research to solve a fundamental business challenge. How do you craft the perfect team?

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Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Search Engine

Our machine learning algorithms find the best employees to be part of a team and improves over time with more data.

Natural Language Processing

Our natural language processing techniques tackle the challenge of managing thousands of word relationships.

Organizational Behavior Science

We marry the latest organizational behavior research with modern data science to build your perfect team.



Nexus overcomes human capital management obstacles.

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Diverse Geography

Today's workforce often spans multiple locations, making it difficult to staff quickly across geographies.

Data Silos

Outdated data spread across different sources hinders a real-time holistic view of workforce capabilities.

Personal Networks

Many companies staff based on spreadsheets, human calculations, and "who you know" personal networks.