What is Nexus? Nexus is a cloud-based platform that powers enterprises to find and deploy the right teams across company projects.

The Nexus platform includes an AI-powered search tool, automated performance feedback, and a full suite of workforce analytics. Our intuitive search tool allows people to initiate a project, and then choose their team from a recommended list of candidates. As more searches come through, machine intelligence creates better results --- and ultimately, better teams.

Optimize your human capital network with Nexus A.I.

Create Engagement:

The Nexus platform organizes people around projects that align with their goals and competencies. Every Nexus employee can track their recent reviews, view open company opportunities, and better understand their organization’s most in-demand skills.

Remove Silos:

Outdated data spread across different sources hinders a real-time holistic view of workforce capabilities. Nexus helps you break out of data silos and connects your workforce in a single, managed system.

Develop People Data:

The Nexus performance feedback process is frequent, but far less exhaustive than a traditional review. Our platform continuously updates the profiles of employees as projects are started and completed. Nexus also provides real-time data that helps you understand skill gaps, staffing needs, and performance changes.

Elevate Productivity:

Build teams across functions and geographies. Nexus predicts which employees will team together more effectively to drive higher work productivity

Improve Transparency:

We provide complete transparency around your workforce's current skills and other attributes and help you plan for the future.

Artificial intelligence to guide your teaming decisions

Nexus uses the latest in artificial intelligence to improve your teams and build better people data.



A.I. Powered Search Results

Our machine learning takes in project and performance data, and then uses it to keep improving your search results.


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Manage Taxonomies with NLP

Nexus uses NLP to help you organize and manage skills, job titles, and other complex word relationships.


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Predictive Workforce Intelligence

Nexus provides clients with reporting & visualizations that help you plan for the future.

A platform developed with leading researchers.

What makes a great team? Nexus has partnered with academic leaders in the fields of team decision-making and behavioral science. Our research partnerships help our clients better understand the true drivers of team performance. We look into personality and behavior attributes that are rarely, if ever, normally considered.

The latest in team research shows up in different modules within the Nexus platform. Our goal is to take a lot of team data, and translate it into simple and intuitive insights. Interested in partnering? Get in touch at 312-724-9034.